Who to complain to about concert safety?

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Who to complain to about concert safety?

Postprzez JoeClark » 14 gru 2017, o 08:30


We have just returned from a Bon Jovi concert in Manchester. We purchased Gold Circle tickets. 2 mins after the band came on the crowd crush was so bad myself and my daughter had to lifted over the back barrier, as we were squashed to the point I think I may have some bruised hips tomorrow, along with some other people. The staff were trying to move the barriers back a little to allow more room but this was not helping either. We could not get out of the corridor bit. Staff at the enterance were still allowing some very unimpressed ticket holders access even though an off duty police officer was shouting who he was and telling them the place was dangerous and they needed to sort it out and stop letting people in and get some people out. Finally my daughter and I got out of the corridor bit. Many people with tickets ended up sitting in the seats at the side as they had very obviously over sold the amount they should of. I'm wondering who I should actually complain to? Is it the stadium itself or the promoters or both?

Please help.

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