Your First Concert Experience

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Your First Concert Experience

Postprzez JoeClark » 12 gru 2017, o 07:18

My first concert was Coldplay in Herning (Denmark) in August 2009. We were five people: My father, his girlfriend, her two daughters and me. We had VIP tickets because we had bought five tickets but all that meant is had we had access to the area right before the stage. I was at the right end of stage, standing in the first row which was pretty awesome because the sight from there was great.
Anyway, I wasn't familiar with their music but still, the concert was great. They had a really big production with some cool effects: Big video screens, you know that stuff. At some point the band simply went off stage and for some minutes nothing happened. But then, they came out at very back at a very little stage which was so small that not a drumkit could stand there. There, they performed two or three songs acoustically and then went to the big stage in the front again. That was great idea I think, they gave the people who couldn't afford the more expensive tickets a great memory.

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