Words of Experience on the Academic Use of Electronic Discus

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Words of Experience on the Academic Use of Electronic Discus

Postprzez JoeClark » 8 gru 2017, o 14:19

Profweb was pleased to release the English version of our report Using Academic Forums by Sophie Ringuet. We regretted that certain links were only available in French and where possible, such as in the case of the story of Steve Boucher, we will be releasing translated versions of this information for the convenience of our readers.
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I have been interested in forums and IT for about eight years. Depending on the platforms available at the college, I use computer based applications to assign exercises, provide questions to answer in preparation for my courses and when technically possible I moderate discussions on class material in an electronic forum.
Therefore, I created a forum for my course ‘Planetary Challenges (Défis de la planète)' where I acted as moderator in order to make sure that posts were not offensive or discriminatory. This task required me to consult the forum daily which took about an hour and a half of my time each week.
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