The pope as a circus?

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The pope as a circus?

Postprzez JoeClark » 7 gru 2017, o 11:08

Hello All,

I visited a meeting with Pope John Paul II. on the unlicensed airport in Olomouc. It was a bad weather, the organization was limping, yet we were traveling with this charismatic personality with joy and trepidation. This year, the present Pope Benedict XVI will come to Brno, but one does not feel happy, although the visit of the head of the Church is much better prepared. Why is it?

It seems to me that something has changed. And it is not just a person of the pope as such. It is, of course, true that Karol Wojtyla was a rare person, literally an example of holiness. Under his hands was the iron curtain, the hope returned. Joseph Ratzinger, on the other hand, reminds more of an executive officer who manages the organization of the church, but hope and love are hard for him. It is confirmed that only a few Pope is indeed the Holy Father.

But I have the impression that we have changed too. At the time of the famous visits of John Paul II. he was a person who personified morality in Prague Castle. Today I only remember with nostalgia the years when Václav Havel brought to our nation the ideas of cooperation, freedom and mutual understanding. Do you remember the Radio Calls from Lan?

Please help.

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