Problem with controlling the character

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Problem with controlling the character

Postprzez JoeClark » 18 gru 2017, o 12:59

Hello All,

I have a problem with controlling Geralt - when I press the movement key for a long time, at some point a sound can be heard, as if something was switching and after releasing the key, the figure continues running. It is only after 2-fold short pressing of the same button that the hero stops. When riding a horse, double-clicking does not help at all. It is not a very serious problem, but in the long run it interferes with the game, because during a continuous run I can not throw a sign or avoid dodging an opponent's attack ... I guess you have to change the settings in the system, which ones? Can anyone help me in this situation?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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