Ethical issues in scientific publication

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Ethical issues in scientific publication

Postprzez JoeClark » 8 gru 2017, o 14:28

Medical science grows with the pooling of scientific evidences to solve a clinical problem. A well-organized clinical or experimental research is a painstaking process. The submission of an article for publication is the final stage of long planning, execution of research, tedious analysis, and final preparation of the document.1 One must ensure at all stages that the data is submitted honestly. Ethics taken from the Greek word ‘ethikos,’ is defined as a set of principles or a system of right conduct. Ethical conduct is important for any sphere of life. Ethical issues are much more important in medical research and publication as they directly affect the suffering humanity. They are important during the execution and reporting of a research, reviewing an article, and for journal editors.

Research misconduct is defined by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, “as any behavior by a researcher, whether intentional or not, that fails to scrupulously respect high scientific and ethical standards. Various types of research misconduct include fabrication or falsification of data, plagiarism, problematic data presentation or analysis, failure to obtain ethical approval by the Research Ethics Committee or to obtain the subject’s informed consent, inappropriate claims of authorship, duplicate publication, and undisclosed conflict of interest”.2 When an article is submitted, it undergoes a chain of events from authors to reviewers, and then to editors for decision and for copy editing and scientific editing. The objective of this presentation is to discuss, how breach of ethical conduct can be prevented, who can perform a misconduct, and how it can be prevented.

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