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83 records#26 CRIPPLED FOX "The final thrash" 12"LP JUŻ JEST

PostNapisane: 13 wrz 2015, o 11:38
przez 83 Records
CRIPPLED FOX "The final thrash" 12"LP
już jest!


/83 records, crapoulet records, here and now records, thc+diy records, ratta tat tat label, italian thrash attack records, habanero attack, flipped up records/
PRICE: 40zł / 10€ / 7,5£
OUT: september 2015

22 songs in 17.13. minutes. We got real thrash/crossover songs, fastcore, thrashcore, 80's punk/hardcore, short, really short and some longer songs, so everything you already know and expect from us.

Fast / thashcore from Budapest (Hungary)!

The following bands inspired writing this album: Municipal Waste, Vio-Lence, Cross Examination, What Happens Next?, Infest, Capitalist Casulties, Charles Bronson, so you have an idea :)


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